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Playing Cops and Robbers

August 24, 2016

The time had come to strap on my, big-girl panties, I mean...and get serious about researching my crime novel. When you write mystery/crime novels your biggest fear is that someone in law enforcement will snicker while reading it, suspecting you watched too many TV shows like Blue Bloods and CSI and have little understanding of actual police... [Read more]

The Two Essential Tools No Author Should Be Without

March 14, 2016

It was one of those days when everything that could go wrong did. You know the kind of days I'm talking about--when the kids are sick with the stomach flu, the fridge dies, your last pair of pantyhose rips as you're putting it on to go to an important meeting, and the power goes out all in the space of 24 hours. In my case, the Internet crapped out, my... [Read more]


September 9, 2015

I live in New York City, a fashion capital...or fashion disaster zone, depending on what street you should happen to be on at any given time. SSBT is code among my friends for "She Should be Told." But that would be mean if it was only to say "Wrong choice!," right? And we don't want to be mean. God knows we've all had bad hair days or made... [Read more]

New Look, Old Me

April 17, 2015

I'm like a kid with a new toy. I keep clicking on my website for no reason other than it makes me happy. Oh, I know I have other business with it. And I'll get to that. But for now I just want to look.

I only recently learned something I never knew. The first image that pops up on a homepage? It's called the hero... [Read more]

SWIMSUIT BODY Takes the Plunge!

March 10, 2015

If you pre-ordered Book 2 of my Cypress Bay mystery series awhile back, you may have received a message saying your order was cancelled. Not to worry. SWIMSUIT BODY is coming to a pool…er, online stores on June 7th 20016. The change was due to an alteration in my own plans. Originally I intended to self-publish as with Book 1 in the series, BONES AND ROSES. Then sh&*%t happened, as... [Read more]

Ho Made: The Lowdown on Grammar

December 2, 2014

We've all been there. Victims of a misspelled word or misplaced punctuation mark.  I used to be queen of the comma. Free association comma placement, I call it. I think I must have been snoozing when grammar was taught in my high school English class. To this day I still think pet rodent when I see the word gerund.

Nowadays I'm a stickler. I see a misplaced... [Read more]