Swimsuit Body

Beloved New York Times–bestselling author Eileen Goudge’s new novel, SWIMSUIT BODY (Open Road Media; June 7, 2016), is a captivating mystery starring intrepid and hilariously flawed property manager Tish Ballard, whose client’s beachfront home becomes a headline-making crime scene. The normally sleepy California seaside town of Cypress Bay has been... [Read more]
“Suspenseful…Sure to make fans of darker cozies feel right at home.”
—Publishers Weekly

My Story

I’m a writer by day, wife of a film critic by night. Be careful what you tell me or it might end up in one of my novels. I come from a large family with a few skeletons rattling around in the closet. I’m also a mom and serial wife (as my current and forever husband calls me—you may have guessed he’s not my first). Luckily my friends and family are still speaking to me, and readers continue to read what I’ve written. Maybe because I’m not afraid to go there. So, please, pull up a chair if you dare.

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